Thursday, November 29, 2007

Musical Nuns and other Rot

What do five singing nuns and a Jew from Fiddler on the Roof have in common? Pretty much nothing I would say after going to a singing Nun show last night. It was all pretty amateur, but it was the local Repretory Theatre and they do their best. Just after half time the lighting man got all mixed up with lights and didn't seem to know what was what. Perhaps he had had liquid refreshments at interval. It brought a bit of light relief, and eventually with a little help from the rest of the cast he got them functioning again. (The lights that is). It made for a very late night and lack of sleep is playing havoc with the head this morning and alas this is my day to work in my 'real job'. Once a week I go out and get paid by someone else. It is a job I tried to resign from back in June, but they keep finding a reason to keep me working there. This job was only temporary for 3 months and I have been there almost 5 months already and they don't look like asking me to leave real soon. Guess I will just keep turning up until they say "enough".
A little, little, bit was done on the long suffering Christmas quilt yesterday. The last border seems to be dragging on and on. There are too many other distractions with Christmas looming ever faster. A friend and I went to "Bush Christmas" yesterday afternoon. This is where art/craft people from the country regions bring their wares to town and try to flog them off to us. There were many beautiful things up for sale, but yours truly went for the food (as usual). Said I was buying it for the dear hubby, We did get some good ideas for our craft stall we have at our annual quilt exhibition though. More about that in a later post. It is something we start working on now, but exhibition time is September.
Will post some photos tomorrow of the Christmas quilt, with or without last border!

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Sue said...

Di - Looking forward to see the Christmas Quilt. I am heading off to the Bush Xmas today - glad to hear it sounds good!