Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Moles in the garden

Our garden at the moment looks like home for several moles. Dear hubby has located many broken pipes which are meant to be feeding our newly installed tank! He digs, repairs, digs, repairs, digs repairs, and really he should get a medal for perseverance. As rain is forcast in the next couple of days, we do hope all pipes are mended and ready to convey that much needed water to the tank.
Not much was achieved on the quilting front today. A few of the ladies at my group (Toowoomba Quilters) attempted to tutor me on needle-turn applique. By the end of one tulip head, I felt a little more comfortable with it. Fortunately in was only a test run, just hope the real ones go okay as they are going on the club's 2008 raffle quilt. Each year the group makes a quilt and proceeds go to a local charity. This year, the quilt is in the style of a "row by row", depicting the four seasons. I volunteered to do the spring section which is a row of tulips. Now why would I do that when I haven't done the needleturn applique?? God only knows. Perhaps it may be the start of a new chapter in applique and I will do that Baltimore quilt I have always wanted to do. This won't be in the near future as 2008 is going to be the year of finishing off things. Heard it all before?? I really mean it this time.

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Anonymous said...

BALTIMORE OR BUST! I'm starting mine next year. Finish date unknown....

Hey, if your DH has energy left, I could use some digging in my yard... *cheeky grin*!