Monday, June 17, 2013

Creating Texture on Fabric with Stamping


Here is our magnificent bouganvillea vine before it browned off and got slightly frosted.  Each year it gets a little frosted and each year it comes back (after a haircut) better than ever!


Bouganvillea 2

One day at our play dates we did some fabric stamping.  It is quite addictive and no object around the house is sacred anymore Smile.  There are many regular items which have the potential to be great for stamping or rubbing.

We did the stamping onto plain white homespun which was first washed thoroughly.  We used our ordinary old acrylic paints with textile medium added.  Eventually I will dye or paint the backgrounds of my stamped fabric to take away the starkness.

Scrunched yellow

This bright yellow piece was not stamped but simply scrunched and fabric painted and left to dry all scrunched up.  I have since stamped it with a new acquisition.

Yellow fabric stampedBatik StampBatik Stamp 2

I found this dinky di batik stamp in a dress/gift shop, and even better, it was half price!!

background tea bags

The new look yellow piece is going into a new art quilt which I am doing for the Toowoomba Quilters display of “time for tea” related quilts at the exhibition in September.

Can you guess what the other background piece is?  Yes it is recycled used tea bags.  I think my darling husband thought it was time to book me in to the mental health unit when I started collecting these !!!!

Following are all the different textures I created on the day.  It was sooooooo much fun.  Each piece is just A4 size.

Stamp foam packing

A piece of foam packing

Stamp lge bubble wrap

Large bubble wrap

Stamp loofah

A loofah type of sponge thingy

Stamp mask tape cboard

Masking tape pieces stuck to cardboard

Stamp meat tray

Marks made into a meat tray with knitting needle

Stamp rubber bands

Rubber bands around a cardboard roll

Stamp string on roll

String tied around cardboard roll

Gold shiva

This is a commercial fabric which I have used gold shiva stick over a commercial rubbing plate.  This piece will go into the “time for tea” quilt.

To finish off, here is a picture of our delightful grandy, Lilian, enjoying one of her favourite things to do, making mud pies.

Mud Pies


margaret said...

wonderful bush, such a vibrant colour. Can see you have enjoyed all your fabric colouring, so many different ways you have used.
Bringing back very old memories with the mud pies, those were the days.

shirley said...

Lillian is so pretty even when she is all muddy.

Your stamping and playing with paints was a huge success. I like what you did with the batik stamp over the yellow. The time for tea fabrics are lovely.

Your are very creative and clever girl.

Sue said...

Looks like lots of fun - the fabric painting and the pie making!


Hello DI, All your stamping print creations are very very lovely and MOST creative.. Love them all.. Lilian is such a sweetie..She looks very happy playing in the mud.. Hugs judy

Jen said...

Hello Di,Lovely patterns with the stamping and the fabric colours are lovely. Very creative. See what you can find on your trip to use. Lillian is growing so fast a little cutie.