Monday, April 22, 2013

A Hard Day’s Night

Backup, Backup, Backup.  It is drummed into us.  Still we sometimes become complacent.  Which is what happened to us. 
Since we have got back from our trip to the south several things have gone awry.  One of them was that we lost all our business data going back to last financial year (June 2012).  I guess we weren’t too worried about our computer crashing as it was only a couple of years old.  AHem.  They don’t make ‘em like they used to apparently. 
So, my friends, I have been busy trying to get back on track and waiting around for technicians to see if they could retrieve anything. They retrieved some, but not a lot.  Now we have a new computer and it is a matter of re-entering as much as we can.  Nearly there……
Dimboola Kooka on TLanderDimboola Wimmera R
(Some soothing photos!!!)
In between the madness and mayhem I have been doing a little crafting and surfing of the net.  My latest addiction being ‘You Tube”.  It is so amazing what you can see being done on ‘You Tube’ !!
One thing I have been watching is very talented people art journaling.  So I thought I would like to do some pages and make a little booklet.  Then I had the bright idea of covering it and giving it to a friend who just turned 70.
Messy Table Apr 13
My messy dining room table.  Oh how I would love to have another space just for fiddling around with art stuff.  No more room left in this house!!
journal cover linda
Linda’s journal cover (opened out).  I am loving doing some fabric collage at the moment and I think hand stitching  makes it look very unique.  It was fun to practice going around the flowers and doing the embellishment on them with the free motion.  Gotta do more of that!
Journal inspiration
The magazine page which inspired the journal cover
Lindas journal pages
The little journal inside.  I used pamphlet stitch to sew it all together.  It was easy peasy and such fun to make.
Another friend is turning 50 soon.  Yvonne, if you are reading this log out now!!!!
Yvonnes Card Apr 13
She is having a blue and red quilting party on Thursday so I made her this collage card to go with her blue and red fabrics I have got for her.
Last week Toowoomba’s annual show was held and we went along with our daughter and little grandy, Lilian.
Here are some photos of her enjoying her day and entertaining Nana and Grandad!
Lilian at Show collage



Hello DI, I see you are having great fun work on your art journal.. Lovely work you are doing. Love the birdlife and the lovely landscape photos from your trip... I can tell Lilian is have a grand time at the annual show.. Glad to hear you just about got all your data back in... How awful for you ... Have a lovely week.. Hugs Judy

margaret said...

The journal is coming along a treat, re you tube that is where I got a lot of help with needle tatting and plan to watch some patchwork tutorials on it.
What a pain having the computer die like that, I do have a back up memory stick but do not always remember to put things on it. Lost some of my best photos when mine died and had to have a new hard disk.

Marilyn said...

Love your art journals, and the photos of Lilian - such a little cutie. Such a nuisance that computers crash like that especially when not very old. I always back up onto a USB stick every time I close the MYOB program, just in case. So pleased that you are nearly back up to date with your data.

Radka said...

Nice to see you back with us :-)
I love textile journals, they are all so individual.
Oh, I am just as bad when it comes to backups!

Jen said...

Hello DI, How terrible losing your data. I don't ever think about the data. I have a extra hard drive that does it automatically but I never check it. A lovely art journal for your friend. Lilian had a great time with her grandies at the show. She is a cutie.