Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Joys in Life

It has been so darned hot this past week it has been difficult to think about picking up sewing.  Soon I will have air conditioning in the sewing room so that will help in summer. My sewing room is on the western side of the house so is very very hot in summer. 
Some of the joys of summer though are extra day light  and blooms in the garden.
Our agapanthus are still putting on a nice display and they are such a glorious colour.
AggyAgapanthus close up
Here are some other things still blooming regardless of the heat wave.
mini olleanderTrumpet flowerred geranium
Hubby has started up a vegie garden again now that he has a bit more time on his hands.  We have beetroot growing and that will be a joy to eat.  We enjoy it just grated raw onto a salad, but also love it pickled.
BeetrootVegie Patch 2013
We also have lettuce, zucchini, cucumber and tomatoes growing.
The biggest joy in our life at the moment is our little grandie, Lilian. 
Lilian loves to paint and draw.  Here is a bird she drew and I think it is fantastic for a little girl who has just turned 4.
Lilians bird drawing
Isn’t it wonderful?  It has a beak and eyes and wings and even a crest.  Perhaps she is going to be artistic and crafty – I would love that!
Here she is in her fave dress at the moment, her ‘ballerina dress’.  She has always had a cheesecloth wrap with her at bedtime and when she needs it for comfort.
She calls it ‘sooky’.  Sooky goes everywhere!
Lilian 4yrsLilian with sookys
Sorry about some of my close up shots.  Still getting used to the macro etc. on the new camera.
Until next time (when I hope to have something stitchy to show you), enjoy the joys in your life.


shirley said...

Lillian is as gorgeous as ever. Isn't she cute in her pretty pink dress.
The agapanthus always make such a lovely show. Kev must have green fingers to grow such delicious veges. Much fresher than what you buy at the supermarket.

Glad you are feeling better now.

margaret said...

such a pretty little girl and yes talented too, looks like she has got her creativity from granny.
lots happening in the garden, how lovely to have fresh veg to pick. Beetroot is also lovely hot with a white sauce and gammon my mouth is watering thinking about it.

Marilyn C said...

The flowers in the garden certainly look to be flourishing and the vegie patch will give you some delicious salad to enjoy. I have not heard of grating the beetroot raw. I have always cooked it.


Hello Di, Lilian is soooo very sweet and her dress is a very pretty pink. Her art work is great. Loved seeing your blooming flowers. May I ask what are the pink ones called. Your veggie garden is looking good despite the heat you all are having. Keep cool my friend. Hugs Judy

Marilyn said...

Lillian's artwork is gorgeous. She is such a cutie. Your garden is doing well especially with the heat - you will enjoy the vegetables. Our vegies are not so healthy now, too hot and dry.

Suztats said...

Your Lilian is adorable! I so enjoyed seeing pics of your garden and flowers, as we have snow blowing about today. Hope things cool down for you.

Radka said...

Your granddaughter is a pretty little thing :-)So sweet in her dress.
I love agapanthus, never had any luck with it in our garden, shame.

Jen said...

HI! Di, Your little Lillian is so pretty aren't grandchildren precious and crafty like Grandma. You will have to take a photo of her drawings and put them in a quilt.
Our Agapanthus survived the heat also.Fresh veges what could be better.