Monday, June 13, 2011

Textile Fair Purchases and Weird Weather

Hail 13.06.11Hail Monday 1306.11
We had a weird thunder storm this afternoon and the hail rained down on us.  It looked like snow in the midst of the storm!!
Overflow from tank
Our tank is overflowing after the downpour.  (Photos taken through the fly screen Smile)
Last week I received a lovely card in the mail. It was so nice to get something in the letterbox other than a bill. 
Card from Suztats.Close up card Suztats

                                                                                                  (Close up)
This is the amazing card I received from Suz from “Suztats”.  Thanks Suz.  The technique Suz used was really interesting and she is still experimenting with others.  You can check it all out on her blog.  Of course, she also does amazing tatting too.

Purchases Textile Fair
Now the purchases from the textile fair Shirley and I went to in Brisbane on Saturday.  Shirley was very good in keeping me under control and stopping me from spending too muchParty smile
I bought the beautiful piece of hand dyed cotton sateen from Lisa Walton at Dyed and Gone to Heaven.  Also, some hand dyed scrim/gauze, a bundle of  recycled silk yarn, a jar of lumiere gold just because, and Prudence Mapstone’s freeforming with yarn booklet and the latest Downunder Textile mag. 
Shirley and I both bought some of the glorious wool for some serious and easy wool felting which we saw Jacinta of The Thread Studio demonstrating.  Check out Shirley’s blog and the colours she bought.  We are sharing these and hope to have a wet felting day real soon.  We are itching to do it!!


Marg said...

We had beautiful blue skies here all day!
They look like great purchases. I didn't go this year, I'm trying to not spend too much on supplies for the next few months.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello DI, wow, what interesting and neat purchases you made at the show. I love your felting wool. I have been felting for some time and really enjoy it. Soooooo both you and Shirley have fun and I will look forward to seeing what you create. Your snow during the thunderstorm looks like "Hail". It looked like a very Yucky Day. Good day for hand quilting indeed. Hugs Judy

Annet said...

I'm looking forward to your felting experiments. You bought some lovely colours.

Suztats said...

Hi Di, and thanks for the shout out!
Glad you had a fun time at the textile fair, and I look forward to your felting experiments.

shirley said...

thanks for inviting me to a great day out Di. Funny the hail was at your place and not here, and yet we are so close.
You made great choices with your purchases.

Sue said...

It was a great day out at the Textile Arts Show - lovely to catch up with you and so many other Toowoomba stitchers on the day.

Radka said...

It seems that the strange weather is everywhere :(
I like your purchases, I love the cotton sateen, beautiful shades:)

Linda said...

Hello Di, heard about the hail storm. We've had silly weather this year haven't we. It's sunny but windy here at the moment, but after days of mist and fog, anything else is a bonus. What a lovely card you received, good for you. I love all the purchases from the Fair as well. I have one book written by Prudence, but have yet to 'use' it!! I love her attitude!!! Have fun with the felting, and it's also on my list. I adore anything Jacinta does, and anything Dale has for sale!! I could not have been so restrained.