Tuesday, February 1, 2011

She has Finally Arrived

'She'  is Shirley B!!!  She has finally arrived in our fair city to make it her home.
Welcome Shirley.  Poor Shirley has been trying to move now since the 7th January before all the flooding rains.  The truck couldn't negotiate her driveway and then the removal company had their own issues with flooding, cleaning up and catching up with all their removals.  It has been a bit of a marathon, but she got here at last on Sunday.  Now begins the arduous task of unpacking!
Our granddaughter Lilian is named after my Mum who passed away in 1997.  Mum was a wonderful pianist who taught herself, didn't read music but played only by ear.  She played in bands, at functions, as accompaniment etc. etc.  It was one of her greatest joys.  So it brought tears to my eyes when Lilian the 2nd (who is just 2years old) discovered the piano.  She would hit at a few keys and then look up and laugh and smile at us.  Very reminiscent of how her great grandma used to play. Lilian is shown here playing Mum's piano which my Dad gave her for her 21st birthday. 

I miss my Mum every day and I know she would have loved this little 'performance'. 

Alas, due to a week of headaches and migraines I have not done much in the sewing room.  Still working on Dec/Jan journal quilt and I want to get it done by Art Quilt group meeting on Feb 9.  YIKES!!


Radka said...

It is good to hear about Shirley, thank you for the news, I have been following her "journey". I am sure we all will hear from her soon:)
Your little pianist looks very sweet:))

Marilyn said...

Lillian look a natural - thanks for sharing about the piano, what a treasure to have.
Hope you are feeling better now. Take care.

Cynthia L. said...

Please say hello to Shirley from me. I am sure with your help, she will be moved in and stitching in no time!

Your granddaughter is so sweet looking. Love her skirt!

Hope you feel better soon!

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Di, Good to hear from you. I hope you headache is much better now. Please tell Shirley I said a "HI and give her a Warm Hug for me" Thanks Your grand daughter is so sweet. I am sure she will turn into a fine piano player. Hugs Judy

Anneliese said...

Hello Dianne, the sweetest little Lillian will surely become a pianist in a few years. Thanks for the news about our Shirley. Good to know that she finally arrived. So much love from

Julie said...

She's a little doll, such beautiful curls too. I love seeing her at the piano, she's a natural!