Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back to it

Back from the gorgeous beach holiday and straight back into the renovation/painting.
Since coming back we have moved all the furniture in 'part B' of the house ready for painting and I have been busy cleaning the windows inside and out in the finished 'part A' ready for the blinds to be re-hung.
Holiday? what holiday?
Next Christmas we will be enjoying the fruits of our labour.

This is the glorious place where we spent Christmas.  It is called Golden Beach and is part of the Sunshine Coast area.  We only had to walk across the very quiet dead end street onto this little beach which is part of the Pumicestone Passage, and therefore is still water.  Perfect for our little grandy who took to the water like a duck.  

 The reason the road is a dead end is because it ends at a beautiful tree filled park on the foreshore of the passage.  The park was abuzz on Christmas Day with families using the large trees for shade and enjoying the great outdoors for the day.  The park had a walking track and swings and playgym for the kiddies.  A perfect holiday destination, and we are considering doing it all again next year. 

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! We are in the middle of winter and it is a joy to see sun and warm tempts and TOMATOES! Yummy I just posted my winter is very cold the teens. I will look for your quilting work again!