Sunday, September 13, 2009

Stitching Day Out

Yesterday I went with a couple of friends to an event called 'Stitchers Dream Day Out" organized by a local quilt shop, 'The Quilters Angel'. 

Love those HUGE cupcakes on the table!

Those big yellow 'cake' boxes were filled with goodies.  There were four designers who designed special projects for the day, and all the patterns of their designs were in the box.  You also received a mystery project to stitch from the designers.  There were also lots of other goodies in the box such as sweet treats which was the theme of the day.
For morning tea we had the most delicious cupcakes I have ever had.  Mine was raspberry and white chocolate.  YUM.
Lunch was yummy too.  Baguette rolls with a chicken,celery and roasted almond filling and a beef roll with caramelized onion and capsicum topped with a mustard cream.  For afternoon tea we had a mini cup cake and some vanilla fudge.  Of course tea and coffee throughout the day.
It was a very well organized event, and will be on again same time next year.

This is the design which was in my box.  I will post mine when it is finished and let you know what I make it into.  Do not hold your breath for that one. We also got the fabric in our box to finish the project.  Maybe I will do a bit more on the stitching this afternoon. (Sunday)
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There is one in every crowd!  I am sure many of us have done this at some time or another.  My friend has stitched her work to the ribbon on her blouse.... the funniest part was, just as she had done this and I was taking her photo, her lucky number was called and she had to go collect her prize attached to her embroidery.  Very funny.....

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